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Inspire Spectacular Growth in Your Students

At Green Our Planet, we know every big idea, big movement, big change starts with a single small seed. Green Our Planet's school garden and school hydroponics programs empower your students to explore science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), nutrition, financial literacy and other subjects while connecting magic and majesty of the universe. 

Across America, countless students test poorly in science, are stuck inside their classrooms all day, have no idea where their food comes from, and are disconnected from both nature and school.

We help solve some of these problems by providing STEMworks-accredited school garden and hydroponics programming, standard-aligned curricula, video lessons, community and expert support. 

In Green Our Planet's Magic Garden Portal, you’ll connect with a stellar community of Green Our Planet's teachers and facilitators who are building the school garden movement to send change rippling through communities around the world.

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Our Approach

Green Our Planet has been empowering teachers, students and communities through school gardens for over 10 years. In that time, we’ve learned a few things about how to make a program really work. That’s why our STEMworks-accredited school garden and hydroponics programs are built around three core pillars: content, community and coaching

Our programs are now the largest of their kind in the country, while 97% of the teachers who use our programs recommend them to other schools. Plus, 85%+ of teachers who consistently use Green Our Planet's curricula and resources report that it's effective or highly effective in teaching students STEM. 

HydroConnect: Bring the Garden into the Classroom

Green Our Planet’s HydroConnect program brings the magic of hydroponics right into your classroom, transforming it into a natural laboratory.  Hydroponics ("hydro" = water; "ponics" = cultivation) allows you to grow plants without soil. As a result, you can grow fresh lettuce, tomatoes, herbs and more in your classroom at any time of year! 

When your school participates in our HydroConnect program, you'll get everything you need to grow a successful indoor garden program including:

  • 20 hydroponics units to grow enough fresh fruits, veggies and herbs for a farmers market
  • All the hydroponics materials (like seeds, nutrient solution and more) you need to grow produce
  • Standards-aligned Hydroponics STEM Curriculum for grades K-5 (6-12th grades coming this fall!)
  • Proven resources to help you get the most from your hydroponics, host school farmers markets and inspire your students
  • Access to a community of like-minded teachers across the nation to share best practices and support through the Magic Garden Portal
  • Support from Green Our Planet's team of experts

Schools love the professional commercial unit that allows them to grow 200+ plants at a time, individual classroom units that allow the whole school to join in and the signature support provided by Green Our Planet's expert team. Through HydroConnect, your students learn STEM, conservation, nutrition, financial literacy, and more in a hands-on, experiential way.

“This is much more than just hydroponics. It’s much more than just growing plants. It’s expanding people’s minds; it’s growing our community. It’s giving the students an alternative look at life that they’re going to take with them forever.”-Mr. Murphy, High School Teacher; West Desert Schools, Trout Creek, UT

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GardenConnect: Grow Hands-On Education Outdoors

Green Our Planet's GardenConnect Program empowers schools to create an enriching, comprehensive school garden program, fostering student engagement with STEM and providing an outdoor laboratory for in-depth studies.

Outdoor gardens are a powerful tool for teaching students experiential STEM, nutrition, and conservation, while actively engaging them with educational standards. GardenConnect helps you take full advantage of your school garden by providing your school with the following:

  • Standards-aligned Outdoor Garden STEM Curriculum for grades PreK-5
  • Access to a community of like-minded teachers across the nation to share best practices and get support through the Magic Garden Portal
  • A wealth of resources that share a decade of experience in how to build and maintain a garden, utilize garden-based curricula, create student-run farmers markets and how to form the next generation of scientists, chefs and entrepreneurs. 
  • Expert support from Green Our Planet's dedicated team

In short, we will help you maximize all of the many benefits that can come from establishing a great garden program at your school. Growing a school garden is empowering and enriching for both students and teachers. School gardens create an explosion of ideas and life in the classroom, the schools, and in the local community.

“The science curriculum that is provided by Green Our Planet gets teachers the standards-based lessons they need to use the garden as an outdoor classroom. Students and teachers benefit from learning science in the hands-on, natural setting of the gardens.” -Melissa Bailey, Teacher at Marc Kahre Elementary School

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